Macaulay is a recruitment firm specialised in the placement of permanent, temporary and contract positions in the Asia Pacific. We work with employers and job seekers to facilitate a successful match in the most thorough, confidential, effective and professional way. Our results are established through long term and successful relationships with both our clients and candidates.

Our teams of consultants are highly experienced recruiters and industry professionals with an in-depth knowledge and network of their respective industries. This enables us to have better understanding our clients’ expectations so as to provide the most suitable candidates with the right knowledge, experience and skills.

We focus on recruiting for the following sectors:

  • Legal and Compliance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Property
  • IT

Benefits of using us:

  • Advertisements can waste your money, time and effort:
    We can search the proper CVs in a short time and send you the best candidates available.
  • In-depth Interview:
    We conduct intensive initial interviews and thereby sift through the candidates, saving you a lot of time. By interviewing our candidates, we not only assess their skills, but can also determine what kind of culture or personalities they will tie in with. We receive information that is not on their CV’s as these only contain information the candidates want their prospective employees to see.
  • Our guarantee period:
    We offer up to 6 months guarantee period from the date when the candidate starts with you. This period protects both the client and candidate when a wrong choice has been made. If, during the guarantee period, it becomes clear that the candidate-client fit is unsuccessful, we first try and resolve the problem. If incompatible, we replace the candidate free of charge.